Video Transfers

LPS & Cassettes to CD

Do you have old cassette tapes or LP records that you’d love to listen to but can’t because you don’t have a tape deck or record player anymore? Why not get a professional to transfer your LP’s & cassettes to CD so you can enjoy listening to them again without worrying about deterioration through playing.

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Video Home System or as it’s more commonly referred to, VHS is a video cassette recording technology that was developed in the mid 1970’s by the Japanese company JVC. This gave home consumers an affordable and practical DIY way to do video production for the first time in history and because of this.

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VHS-C was introduced in 1982 primarily for home video production with analogue camcorders. VHS-C uses the same format for recording as the standard VHS (Video Home System) but is smaller in size.

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Beta is the common term for Betamax which is a VCR (Video Cassette Recording) technology that uses magnetic tape to store moving images.

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Hi8 tapes were a popular 8mm video tape format that was widely used in camcorders in the 1980’s and 1990’s for making home videos.

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One of the earliest digital video formats was introduced for the digital camcorder. The video format used was called MiniDV and allowed camcorders to be manufactured significantly smaller than earlier camcorders.

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Digital8 is an 8mm digital videotape format developed and manufactured by Sony. It first appeared to the market in 1999. It is similar to the older Hi8 format but it encodes the video signal digitally using a specially developed DV Codec.

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Video Slideshows

Digital slide shows or video slide shows are a roller coaster of emotions laughing one minute, tearing up the next. No photo board can produce feelings to this degree. If you have photos you love just sitting on your hard drive why not bring them to life by using them to create a themed digital slide show.

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